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Kim LoPiccolo / REIGN President

Kim LoPiccolo, a distinguished director with three decades of experience leading a New York dance studio, brings over 25 years of excitement from the competition circuit and serving as a national judge in Las Vegas. Her dynamic dance journey includes captivating performances at iconic venues like Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center, collaborations with renowned dance companies, and features in esteemed publications such as "The Art of Dance." As a certified professional by Dance Masters of America, Kim's passion for dance education extends to affiliations with prestigious organizations like The National Dance Association and Dance Educators of America. Kim's dance education boasts a BFA degree from Adelphi University, graduation from LaGuardia's High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts, and exceptional training at The School of American Ballet. Kim's steadfast commitment to dance education, certified expertise, and academic accomplishments embody the thrilling excellence that dancers can expect from REIGN.

Diana LoPiccolo/ REIGN Executive Vice President

Diana LoPiccolo, a NY dance studio Assistant Director, boasts extensive training across dance genres and a decade-long career as a competitive dancer, earning accolades for superb technique and expressive performances. A Theater graduate with a focus in dance and a BA degree from Pennsylvania State University, Diana founded the recognized dance organization, The Nittany Dance Project. Currently excelling as an award-winning choreographer, Diana's passion and talent establish her as a dynamic force driving the excitement of the REIGN Dance Challenge—an enticing opportunity that dancers will eagerly embrace.

Cailey Bruno / REIGN Director of Operations

Cailey Bruno, a certified ballet contemporary dancer and Lagree Fitness instructor, gained international recognition with the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, showcasing her technical prowess and captivating stage presence. Her competitive journey included notable platforms like World of Dance.
In dance education, Cailey imparts knowledge at a distinguished NY dance studio, fostering creativity, discipline, and technical excellence in aspiring dancers aged 6 to 18. Also, certified in Lagree Fitness, she skillfully manages clients, integrating artistic background with fitness expertise.
As the Director of Operations for REIGN Dance Challenge, Cailey orchestrates a nationwide competition with meticulous attention to logistics, talent acquisition, and audience engagement. Her aim is to establish REIGN as a symbol of excellence, creating a transformative experience for dancers and audiences nationwide.

Samantha Jannotte / REIGN Director of Client Relations

Samantha Jannotte, a former dancer trained in various genres and a dance educator since 2010, specializes in jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, and lyrical, earning accolades as an award-winning choreographer for a NY dance studio. With a BA in Theatre from Hofstra University and a title-winning Hofstra Dance Team member, she embodies dedication, respect, and discipline.

As the Director of Client Relations for REIGN Dance Challenge, Samantha's extensive background as a competitive dancer and current role as a competition choreographer, coupled with her position as a guidance counselor, uniquely qualify her to ensure an exceptional experience for participants. Her passion for working with people and rich dance expertise make her the perfect fit for this crucial role.