General Rules

REIGN Dance Challenge excludes all independent entries.

All submissions must be made online through a verified studio account.

The routine name must differ from the dance studio's name.

Full payment is required upon submission to proceed with processing.

Payment Policies

Entries with full payment must be received by the REIGN Dance Challenge office 30 days before the competition date. If received within 30 days of the competition date and can be accommodated in the schedule, entries will incur a 10% late fee.All entries received within 30 days of the competition date must be paid through money order or cashier's check, including the 10% late fee.

Nationals entries with full payment must be received by the REIGN Dance Challenge office 45 days before the National Competition date. If received within 45 days of the competition date and can be accommodated in the schedule, entries will incur a 10% late fee.

All entries received within 45 days of the competition date must be paid through money order or cashier's check, including the 10% late fee.

For current entry fee pricing, please contact reigndancechallenge@gmail.com from your studio email.

A $30.00 charge will apply for all checks returned by the bank to REIGN Dance Challenge, and the check writer must settle this amount within (TEN) 10 days.

REIGN Dance Challenge reserves the right to require future payments through money order, cashier's check, or credit card from anyone with a dishonored check.

No cash refunds will be granted for any reason.

NOTE: REIGN Dance Challenge recommends paying via money order or cashier's check versus a credit card to eliminate any interest or additional charges you may incur upon the use of your credit card.

Divisions & Categories


Duet/Trio (2/3)
Small Group (4-9 Performers)
Large Groups (10-19 Performers)
Line (20 or more Performers)
**Adult Divisions [Teacher Feature, Pro/Am, and Parent Division (age 13 & Over Groups Only)]


Elite performers are allowed a maximum of (FOUR) 4 solos, Intermediate performers are allowed a maximum of (THREE) 3 solos, Novice performers are allowed a maximum of (TWO) 2 solos. However, only (ONE) 1 solo per performer is eligible for an overall lineup position and award.


Teacher Feature or Pro/Am Divisions: A "Teacher" or "Professional" is an individual aged 18 or over who receives compensation for teaching, performing, or demonstrating, regardless of the weekly hours involved. Any group with a performer meeting this criteria must enter the Teacher division.

Time Limits & Music


Solos – 3 minutes
Duet/Trio – 3 minutes
Small Group – 3 minutes
Large Group – 4 minutes
Lines – 5 minutes (Production - 7 minutes)
NOTE: Groups have the option for an extended time, but there is a maximum of 4 minutes allowed. For each additional minute beyond the standard time, an extra fee will be charged.



Each participating studio is responsible for uploading its own music online during the registration process. Please ensure that the music is in .mp3 file format and recorded at the correct speed. For contingencies, it is recommended to have a backup flash drive, full-size iPod, or mp3 player readily available. These backup devices must be clearly labeled with the studio name and the director's phone number.

All music files should be organized in a single playlist, following the numerical order specified in the REIGN DANCE CHALLENGE Competition Final Schedule. The playlist's title should match the studio's name, and each music file must be labeled with the entry number and the title of the respective entry.

Photo/Video & Music Policies

NO PHOTO OR VIDEO OF THE DANCERS ON STAGE IS PERMITTED DURING ANY PERFORMANCES. For the protection and privacy of the teachers, choreographers, and dancers, cameras are not permitted to record or document any pieces or performances while the competition is in session. Any violation of this policy results in an automatic disqualification.

Dancer Leveling Structure


The level of each student participating in the competition will be determined by their respective teachers. Please refer to the following guidelines when deciding the level for each dancer. The level of each routine will be based on the average level of all the dancers included in that routine.

*Note: Level Bump Rule

Novice is intended for beginner/novice dancers who receive a maximum of 2 hours of studio instruction per week and have competed for a maximum of one previous season. It offers them the opportunity to experience competitions, stage performances, and interactions with judges and audiences. Performances will be adjudicated, and high-score awards will be granted within their division. However, it is not mandatory for beginner students to enter this level. Adult divisions and Pointe are not eligible for competition at the Novice level.

Intermediate is intended for intermediate dancers who receive a maximum of 4 hours of studio instruction per week and may have limited competition experience. It aims to familiarize them with competitions, stage performances, and interactions with judges and audiences. Performances will be adjudicated, and high-score awards will be given within their division. However, it is not mandatory for intermediate students to enter this level. Adult division performances are not eligible for competition at the Intermediate level.

Elite is intended for advanced-level dancers who receive a minimum of 5 or more hours of studio instruction per week and have previously competed. Elite dancers will be adjudicated, with high-score awards given within their division. It is important to note that all Adult division performances will automatically compete at this level, regardless of the levels assigned to the performers during the creation of your studio roster.

NOTE: REIGN Dance Challenge cannot possibly know the number of hours a child dances or their years of experience. Hence, teachers are responsible for making sound judgments when entering the dancer's level. If it becomes evident that a dancer is under-placed, the judges may elevate their level. All decisions made in this regard are final.

Level Bump Rule: A dancer may only compete for one level below their designated level. For instance, an Elite dancer cannot compete in a routine in the Novice division. In cases where a Novice routine includes an Elite dancer, the routine will automatically be bumped up to the Intermediate division.

Age Divisions

Age Divisions Qualified for Overall High Score Awards:

Ages 5 & Under (Mini)
Ages 7-9 (Petite)
Ages 10-12 (Junior)
Ages 13-15 (Teen)
Ages 16-19 (Senior)
Ages 20 & over (Adult)

Please be advised that all birth dates will be considered as of January 1st, of the current competitive season, for age calculations.

For Duets/Trios, Groups, and Lines, age divisions are determined by averaging the ages of all members in the respective group. Decimal values should NOT be utilized. For example, if the average age computes 15.3, the decimal will be dropped, and the group will compete in the teen level/13-15-year-old age division.

REIGN reserves the right to request proof of age for any performer participating in the competition.

Performance Categories

JAZZ - Routine consisting primarily of jazz technique.

BALLET - Routine consisting of classical ballet movement and technique. No pointe shoes are allowed in the ballet category. No acro/gymnastic tricks are permitted.

CONTEMPORARY - Routine consisting of inventive movements incorporating different styles with a classical foundation.

MODERN - Routine consisting of interpretive movements using modern techniques such as natural movements focused on the “core” of the body with coordination between breathing and movement, as well as the dancer being grounded.

OPEN - Routine consisting of more than one style of dance or that does not fit into any other category.

POINTE - Routine consisting of pointe technique. All of the performers must be wearing pointe shoes. NOVICE level dancers may not compete in this category.

LYRICAL - Routine where dancers interpret the lyrics of a song.

TAP - Routine consisting of tap technique and required to wear tap shoes. No pre-recorded tap sounds are allowed.

HIP-HOP/JAZZ FUNK - Routine consisting of mostly hip-hop or current street-style moves with isolated movements.

ACRO - Routine consisting of acrobatic and gymnastic moves. Choreography must also contain 50% dance technique.

MUSICAL THEATER - Routine featuring any style of dance from a Broadway, Movie, or Television Show.

CHARACTER - Routine consisting of portraying an easily recognizable character.

POM - Routine consisting of precise and definite movements of dance with the use of pom poms for at least 80% of the routine.


*NOTE: There are no limitations to how many acrobatic tricks are choreographed in a routine. Routines must be dominant to the category they are entered in.

Competing Against Oneself

A solo performer is not allowed to compete against themselves in the same category.
In a Duet/Trio, at least 50% of the performers need to be different when competing in the same category.
It is acceptable to compete against yourself in Groups, Lines, and Productions.

Unforseen Circumstances

If a group of 20 is registered as a Line and loses 1 performer on the day of the regional competition, which would put them in the Large Group Division, they may still compete as a Line for adjudication only during the regional event.

A Preliminary competition might be organized at our Nationals for routines needing qualification for the REIGN National Competition. To qualify for the REIGN National Competition, routines must be submitted along with the appropriate regional entry fees and will be adjudicated only. After qualifying for the National event, the routine in question will be eligible to compete at the time previously listed/blocked out in the final National schedule and rejudged for adjudication and overalls.

We expect sportsmanlike behavior from all participants, teachers, families, and attendees associated with REIGN. Failure to comply with this expectation may lead to the disqualification of a participant(s) or the entire studio.

Only teachers, dancers, and those directly involved with a routine (e.g., prop parents) will be allowed backstage during the competition. Studios attending without a teacher present must inform REIGN of one designated adult who will represent the studio and handle all interactions with REIGN Staff.


General props are permitted in all performance genres. However, for safety reasons, dangerous props such as pyrotechnics, knives, swords, etc., are strictly prohibited.
Props such as paint, glitter, or other forms that would leave a mark or stain the stage or are not permitted to be used during a performance.
After a routine that leaves articles on the stage, such as confetti or feathers, please ensure timely and thorough cleaning of the stage for the safety of all performers.
All props must be correctly placed before the routine and promptly removed within 3 minutes after the performance.

Waiver Policy

REIGN Dance Challenge is not responsible for any property damage/loss or injury inflicted upon any individual participating or attending the competition. A waiver must be signed when provided to the studio entered in a competition. The waiver must be completed for any student or dancer and returned to the REIGN Dance Challenge office ONE (1) week before the competition.

Release Agreement

Attendance and/or participation in a REIGN Dance Challenge competition/event establishes your consent for uncompensated use of any photos and/or videos taken during any REIGN DANCE CHALLENGE event and used for website, literature, or in connection to any other REIGN event. REIGN is not responsible for any personal items. REIGN will not be involved in any disputes pertaining to choreography, rights to performances, costumes, etc. When submitting entries, you understand that you have owned and secured the rights to all elements of the performance.

By submitting your entries, you acknowledge and agree to the following: You release and indemnify REIGN Dance Challenge, LLC, and their agents from any and all contracts, claims, suits, actions, liabilities, and/or injuries that may arise as a result of your participation in a REIGN Dance Challenge, LLC event. Additionally, you waive any responsibility from REIGN Dance Challenge, LLC and their agents for any loss, damage, court costs, legal fees, and/or medical fees incurred during your involvement in the event. Please be aware that all activities are undertaken at your own risk.


Approximately 7-10 days before the competition date, a tentative time schedule will be accessible online for all studios to review. This will be followed by the release of the final schedule. It's important to note that REIGN DANCE CHALLENGE doesn't employ a fixed general schedule for all regional competitions. Instead, each regional schedule is specifically tailored to the total number of entries received for that particular competition date and location. Please be aware that no time requests will be entertained.

REIGN retains the authority to make adjustments to the competition schedule as deemed necessary, which may include the addition of competition days or times. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and their acceptance may be limited based on the available time at each regional location. Furthermore, REIGN reserves the right to relocate the competition venue if circumstances beyond its control necessitate such a change.

Participation in the competition is mandatory at the scheduled date and time. No changes or exceptions will be allowed. It is essential to compete during your designated awards segment to be eligible for overall awards.

REIGN Dance Challenge follows the competition order based on the assigned entry number. However, all participants must be ready to compete one (1) hour prior to the specified time within their age and category division. This measure is essential to avoid any delays in the competition caused by costume changes or unforeseen circumstances. If you find that there isn't sufficient time between performances for costume changes, please inform the Backstage Manager immediately.

Prior to the competition schedule being posted, you will have the opportunity to review your acts. Our aim, as well as yours, is to make all changes and corrections before the schedule is finalized and published. If any changes are requested and accepted after the schedule has been posted, they must be handled by a REIGN staff member and will incur a $20 change fee per act.

It's important to note that each show's schedule is customized based on the number of acts and how they are categorized as solos, duets/trios, and groups. Therefore, there is no "standard schedule" that can be provided beforehand. Refrain from relying on assumptions from previous years' schedules.

Studio directors are required to check in at the merchandise table at least two (2) hours before the studio's first act.