About Us

Get to Know RDC

REIGN Dance Challenge, a family-owned competition founded upon steadfast moral principles and a passion for dance, is committed to delivering top-notch, well-organized dance competitions where dancers are our first priority. REIGN acts as a wellspring of inspiration for dancers, providing a stage for them to admire each other’s abilities, achieve their dreams and fully embrace the art of dance. Our belief in maintaining a positive competitive environment brings out the finest performances from all participants. We are fully dedicated to providing a positive and enriching competition experience for both dancers and their families.

The REIGN family takes immense pride in our meticulous attention to detail and impeccable presentation, going above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience for you. We understand the significance of providing our dancers with a stage they can confidently step onto. Our unwavering passion and resolve arise from understanding the sacrifices made by dancers, families, choreographers, teachers and directors. We seek to pay tribute to those sacrifices by hosting an exceptional competition that celebrates your hard work.

Our judges, professional dancers and highly experienced/master teachers, deeply understand the significance of every moment spent on our stage by the dancers. They will provide detailed feedback that is both constructive and valuable. They understand the importance of delivering corrections to aid improvement while also boosting confidence.

We provide three competition levels, ensuring each dancer has the best opportunity to compete against others with similar training. In 2025, we eagerly anticipate hosting numerous regional dance events and a thrilling national finals. Establishing a personal relationship with all studios and dancers is our goal; we want you to become an integral part of REIGN Dance Challenge.